【PS3】誓血龍騎士3 - 全獎盃列表
【PS3】誓血龍騎士3 - 全獎盃列表

【PS3】誓血龍騎士3 攻略主目錄

The Final Song
I can hear the sound. 我能聽見那陣歌聲。
Chapter Zero
Complete chapter 0. 完成章節0。
Ending A
Complete branch A. 達成A結局。
Ending B
Complete branch B. 達成B結局。
Ending C
Complete branch C. 達成C結局。
Ending D
Complete branch D. 達成D結局。
The Flood of Lust
Defeat Phanuel. 打敗Phanuel。
The Frigid Castle's Fall
Defeat Armaros. 打敗Armaros。
The Puppet Wrangler
Defeat Almisael. 打敗Almisael。
The Twin Wall's Slumber
Defeat Egregori. 打敗Egregori。
The Dragon's Purpose
Defeat Gabriel. 打敗Gabriel。
Poison and Flowers
Defeat Raphael. 打敗Raphael。
The Sullied Dance
Defeat Abdiel. 打敗Abdiel。
The Silver Dragon
Defeat Zophiel. 打敗Zophiel。
The Immotral Color
Defeat Galgaliel. 打敗Galgaliel。
The Ancient Progenitor
Defeat Ezrael. 打敗Ezrael。
Power of the Song
Activated Intoner mode for the first time. 第一次啟動Intoner模式。
Momentary Perfection
Pulled off a successful counterattack. 成功完成一次反擊殺。
Skilled Combatant
Pulled off a weapon-change combo. 成功施展一次武器切換連擊。
First-time Shopper
Went shopping for the first time. 第一次購買道具。
Weapon Collector( Casual)
Collected 5 weapons. 收集5樣武器。
Weapon Collector(Serious)
Collected 15 weapons. 收集15樣武器。
Weapon Collector(Hardcore)
Collected 25 weapons. 收集25樣武器。
Sword Master
Obtained every sword weapons. 得到所有劍類武器。
Spear Master
Obtained every spear weapons. 得到所有矛類武器。
Kunckle Master
Obtained every claw weapon. 得到所有爪類武器。
Chakram Master
Obtained every chakram weapon. 得到所有環刃武器。
Weapon Master
Collected every weapon. 收集齊所有的武器。
Weapon Maniac
Raised every weapon to level 4. 將所有的武器升到4級。
Chain King
Land 50 consecutive hits. 達成50次連擊。
Chain Master
Land 100 consecutive hits. 達成100次連擊。
Gold Master
Earned a cumulative total of 300,000 gold. 累計獲得300,000金幣。
Go on.You know you want it
Accepted the second present from Dito. 接受來自Dito的第二樣禮物。
A painfully exquisite gift!
Accepted the second present from Decad. 接受來自Decad的第二樣禮物。
The pleasure is ALL mine...
Accepted the second present from Octa. 接受來自Octa的第二樣禮物。
As kind as I am beautiful.
Accepted the second present from Cent. 接受來自Cent的第二樣禮物。
Trial Period
Completed at least one mission with every disciple. 和所有同伴一起完成1回任務。
Gimme Your Money!
Fullfilled one of Accord's requests. 完成一次Accord的請求。
Fork it All Over!
Fullfilled 20 of Accord's requests. 完成20次Accord的請求。
Every Last Coin is Mine!
Fullfield all of Accord's requests. 完成Accord的所有請求。
Treasure Hunter
Opened 50 treasure chests. 打開50個寶箱。
True Treasure Hunter
Opened every treasure chest. 打開所有的寶箱。
Fresh-blooded Intoner
Defeat 100 enemies. 消滅100個敵人。
Crimson Intoner
Defeat 1000 enemies. 消滅1000個敵人。
Resurrected Intoner
Reach player level 5. 玩家等級達到5級。
Immortal Intoner
Reach player level 30. 玩家等級達到30級。
Ruler of the Skies
Earn every perfect bonus during air-battle stages. 贏得空戰中的所有完美額外獎勵。

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【PS3】誓血龍騎士3 攻略主目錄







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